An Introduction to the Wild Roots

My Marketing Background

I have worked in sales and marketing roles in the food and drinks industry for twenty years.  Working for branded and private label companies, selling to the UK supermarkets and convenience stores.

Understanding the shopper, their behaviour and how to influence their actions is at the heart of what I do.

Category Management for food and drinks brands remains at my core, but I also want to share my learnings and experience to support independent businesses in their quest for greatness!  Finding their tribes and tone of voice, creating marketing strategies and plans, and supporting with social media marketing.

I also provide my time as a resource to those business owners who struggle to find time for, or just don’t want to ‘do’ marketing themselves, to action the plans.

Why ‘Wild Roots’?

I didn’t come into Marketing through the conventional route so my roots in marketing could be described as Wild.  I was a temp secretary after uni and found myself in the marketing department of a branded food company.  Only after five years working in marketing did I study for my Masters in Marketing Management and then became a Chartered Marketer in 2008.

Shopper data is my passion and I’ve analysed a lot of it over the years, using the insights to understand shopper and consumer behaviour. In the beginning this data can seem wild – a lot of numbers in different strands.  I look at that data and see patterns that can be pulled together and used to create clear insights (the roots) that lead to strong marketing plans and actions.

Most people who know me well know how long it takes me to tame my unruly, frizzy hair. Wild Roots seemed appropriate!