I don’t go climbing enough. And that’s why whenever I do go I start off feeling as though I can conquer it all.  Then I get part way up the wall and I’m reminded that it takes a bit of effort.  Then there’s the hold that is slightly out of reach.


I don’t know what sort of hold it is.  Will I get my fingers in behind it and be able to hang and relax or will it be a smooth slopey one that I’ll have to immediately move on from again?  The only way to find out is to go for it.  


I know where I’m going to place my feet, I take a deep breath and I fling myself up towards the hold and…I get it!  I’m there, I’m holding on, and it’s a super jug-like hold that I can hang onto for the rest of the day if I want to.


Relief, pride, success, elation, surprise – I feel them all.  And I remind myself to think back to this feeling next time I’m in a similar situation.


But it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the confidence to go for it.  The confidence that I could get that hold.  The confidence that my belay partner would catch my fall if it came to it.  Or the confidence that the kit would work.


The other option would have been to give up.  I could have asked my belayer to lower me to the ground and I could have tried a different, perhaps easier route.  


It’s kind of like business in that respect.  You start out full of energy and great ideas, but then the hard work hits, and hurdles are thrown in your way.  You want to keep going but it can seem overwhelming.  Do you quit?  Close your business and go back to full time employment?  There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that.  


But the other option is to look for solutions.  Pull on lessons from past experiences.  Put some of your confidence in someone else and lean on their support.  And you might just find a way to make it work again.  And be fun again.


When the marketing side of running your business is feeling too difficult, too time consuming, and it’s sucking the fun out of everything, consider outsourcing.  Having a marketing professional to work on your strategy, your communications and the analysis frees up your time to do what you set out to do in the first place.


I offer a pick and mix of marketing solutions for your business.  I can create a marketing strategy for you, build a communications plan, manage your social media.  You might give me content to publish on your behalf, or I can research and create the content for you.  You can choose for me to do all of the above for you, or just individual parts.  We can work together on it, or I can work on it and run it by you once it’s ready.

There’s no long term commitment (unless you want one).  If you would like me to work with you for one month to see how it feels, we can do that.

All it takes is for you to get in touch.  Take that deep breath, reach out and we can chat.

Take the first step to enjoying your business again.