I could start this blog with “That was an awful run!”


I was feeling great and wanted to go for a run.  I had images of me floating along, bouncing along, not a care in the world, running miles further than I have done in a long time.  With energy in my legs, and breath in my lungs.  It felt great!  So much so, I took my backpack with a water bladder built in, so that I wouldn’t have an excuse to stop.

Then I headed out


It felt okay as I warmed up into the first mile.  Then the incline started and it felt harder.  I slowed down and my ankle was hurting, my calves felt tight.  Then my watch buzzed to tell me my performance score was -12.  -12!  It’s usually a 1 or 2 (I’m no Olympian let’s face it) but -12 felt a bit unfair.  The bubble of positivity that I had left the house with had burst and my mindset had completely changed.  I was struggling along.

So I walked for a bit.  I tried to run for a bit but there was still hill left and I started walking again.  Then there was a bit of downhill and I ran again.  I thought about anything but running and was covering some distance again.  Until it went uphill again.  I walked.

At the top of the hill a dog walker who I’d had in my sights for a while greeted me and said he didn’t blame me for walking up the hill as it’s a tough one.  I made some excuses and tried to bounce off but in reality it was more of a shuffle.

Then it was a long downhill stretch so I ran – and actually enjoyed this bit.  I even carried on running when I got to the small uphill at the end of this section.  And I carried on running all of the rest of the way home.


In the shower I thought about what had happened to create this negative mindset…


  1. I ran miserably until I got to that long downhill.  But when I used to run regularly, it took me three miles to be fully warmed up and feeling comfortable.  So attempting the big hill at the end of my first mile was a pretty stupid idea.  By the time I got to the downhill I was warmed up and that’s when I was enjoying it again.
  2. Leftover pavlova for lunch – that’s not exactly the way to fuel a good run, is it?
  3. Five miles have been ticked off, that’s better than an hour sitting on the sofa
  4. I’ve burnt over 600 calories – so the pavlova shouldn’t stick to my thighs 😉
  5. When I was walking, I was actually walking at a good pace so my overall average speed wasn’t too bad.
  6. That is one bad run out of the way.  I rarely have them so maybe the rest of my 2018 runs will all be happy 🙂
  7. It’s all about perspective.


Yes, it wasn’t the best run, but I can learn from it.  If I stop concentrating on the bad parts and instead think about the positives that I can take from it, it makes me feel so much better.


Why let the negative thoughts slow us down – not just in running, but in work and all other areas of our lives?  When it’s not going smoothly see what positives we can take from it, and come out of it stronger.


I’m going for another run today…I’m going to smile from the minute I put my trainers on, and I’ll remind myself as I go of all I’m achieving by being out there and I bet it’ll be a better run 🙂

Have a positive mindset day everyone!